content equalizing

would love to see a Reddit or a Twitter browser extension where you can see an equal amount of posts from the people you follow.

the current problem, for example, on Reddit is that some subreddits have hundreds of thousands of users flooding your timeline, pushing away any smaller subreddits you follow into obscurity. you can follow 10 small communities along with 1 large one and the latter will almost always drown out everything else. i'd love to limit the posts from the large subreddit on my timeline, only show like 10 posts or something; this way, every subreddit I follow, small or big, has enough space on my feed, I can quickly glance at it and keep up with the latest posts instead of scrolling away a bunch of posts from the large sub to get to the smaller subs.

I just want to keep up with everyone man, some people do great stuff but man are they a deluge upon my browsing life.